Week 31 - One More Time

Top five moment of the week - 

1. We have been reading the Queen's Nose. 

2.We have been reading, writing, plotting and adding and subtracting decimal numbers. 

3.We have been making a train out junk modelling. 

4. We have been able to learn about catching and throwing.

5. We have…

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Week 30 - Flower

Five big moments from the week - 

1. In Mathematics, we explored short division method with remainders and read Roman Numerals. 

2. In English, we drew calligrams and then wrote our own calligram shape poem. 

3. In Science, we understood the life cycle of a flowering plant and drew life…

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Week 29 - Impossible Princess

Top 5 moments of the week - 

1. We have created a whole new fashion magazine, where we were journalists writing about fashion. 

2. We have been revising grid method in Mathematics. 

3. We have been learning more about what plants need to survive and grow. 

4. In History, we looked at…

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Week 28 - Real Grove

Top Five Moments - 

1. We made a word cloud about the qualities of gurus. 

2. We have planted seeds and learnt about flower functions.

3. We have been adding and subtracting using column method.

4. We have been dancing with Miss Leah. 

5. We have been reading, planning and writing a…

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Week 27 - Golden

Top 5 moments of the week -

1. English - we have learnt about Shocking Styles and non-fiction texts. 

2. Mathematics - we have been learning the patterns in our multiplications. 

3. Science - we have been sharing our knowledge on plants. 

4. History - we have investigated the British…

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Week 24 - Flower

Top five moments of the week

1. We learnt more about Kenya in Geography.

2. We have been testing the power of magnets in Science. 

3. We have been reading legend stories in English.

4. We have been reading and plotting coordinates on a square grid. 

5. We have made cards for…

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Week 23 - Stop Me From Falling

Top Moments - 

1. Measuring, comparing, adding and subtracting lengths. 

2. Poems about riddles  - what am I?

3. All about the animals in Kenya. 

4. Talent show auditions were on Wednesday.

5. The gifts of the Holy Spirit with Mrs Miller. 


Star of the Week - Riley

Merit -…

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Week 22 - Spinning Around

Top moments of WORLD BOOK DAY - 


Tin Man and Scarecrow sent us on a mission to find out what they wanted to ask the Wizard of Oz for. 


We worked with Mrs Miller to create art work based on the story. We created pictures of the characters.


In class, we wrote character…

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Week 21 - Shocked

Week 21 – Shocked

Five highlights of the week

1. We made pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.

2. We learnt about forces and experimented with toy cars.

3. We showcased all of our unique talents.

4. We learnt about place value of 3-digit numbers.

5. We wrote stories about the Sheep Pig…

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Week 19 - Word Is Out

Top Five Moments of the Week -

1. We have presented our autobiographies. 

2. We have been learning about volume and capacity. 

3. We have learnt about the stages of growth in humans. 

4. We wrote a diary in character as a Roman. 

5. We had fun with pointillism in Art.

Star of the…

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Week 18 - Say Something

Top five moments of the week -

1. In English we typed up our autobiographies using powerpoint. 

2. We learnt about the Celt soldier Boudicca. 

3. In Mathematics we learnt short division method. 

4. In Art with Mrs Miller we created pointillism work. 

5. In PE we dribbled a ball and…

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Week 17 – Some Kind of Bliss

Week 17 – Some Kind of Bliss

Top five moments of the week

1. We have learnt more about the Lone Wolf and autobiographies.
2. In Mathematics, we have used column method for addition and subtraction.
3. We have used imprinting in Art in the style of pointillism.
4. Science was all about…

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