Week 16 - In Your Eyes

Top five moments of the week -

1. We enjoyed reading skills about autobiographies. 

2. Mrs Miller taught us about pointillism in Art. 

3. We have learnt about fractions of shapes and fractions of numbers. 

4. We learnt a new dance routine with Miss Leah. 

5. We have been learning…

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Week 15 - A Second to Midnight

Happy New Year - Top Five moments of the week

1. English - we planned a story, we wrote a character description, created settings and then wrote a story.

2. Mathematics - we explored place value including ordering numbers, adding numbers mentally and using a 100 square. 

3. Science - we…

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Week 13 - Every Day's Like Christmas

Top five moments of  a festive week - 

1. We have read and written some winter poems. 

2. We have explored the properties of 3D shapes. 

3. We have been learning about the world's largest volcano eruption. 

4. We watched the Christmas Nativity. 

5. We have had fun writing healthy…

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Week 11 - Sincerely Yours

Top Five Moments of the week - 

1. We have written about earthquakes. 

2. We have learnt about the importance of exercise and how it helps our health. 

3. We have been revising division methods. 

4. We have written letters to Mrs Silver in role as Mr Hoppy from Esio Trot.

5. We have…

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Week 10 - I Should Be So Lucky

We have had a lucky week raising money for Children In Need

Top Five Moments -

1. We have completed our Roald Dahl story Esio Trot. 

2. We learnt about volcanoes and labelled different parts. 

3. We made a Eat Well healthy food plate.

4. We have started to use grid method for…

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Week 9 - Where the Wild Roses Grow

A celebration of Remembrance Day, the wild roses and poppies. 

Top 5 moments of the week -

1. Esio Trot - we started reading the book by Roald Dahl. 

2. Counting up in different multiples - in Mathematics, we started counting in steps of 3 and 4 from 0.

3. In Science, we learnt about…

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Week 8 - Starstruck

Top Five Moments of the Week -

1. We have learnt about how to be safe on Bonfire Night. 

2. We have read, performed and created poems. 

3. We have been revising our key multiplication skills. 

4. We explored our knowledge of volcanoes, tsunamis and hurricanes. 

5. We have started a…

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Week 7 - Your Disco Needs You

We have had a golden week! 

1. We learnt about bar charts and tally charts. 

2. Listened and performed poems by Roger McGough. 

3. Created our own shadow puppets.

4. Learnt about the Egyptian Gods.

5. Had our last dance lesson with Miss Leah. 


Have a happy half…

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Week 6 - Celebration

We had a celebration of the Harvest Festival.


Top 5 moments of the week


1. We celebrated our Harvest Festival with music and readings in a special assembly.

2. In Mathematics, we learnt how to use column subtraction.

3. We have been writing our non-fiction report about…

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Week 5 - Got to be Certain

This week you have got to be certain you are following the correct steps to success for column addition. 

Top five moments of the week - 

1. We have written a story about Aya, a princess from Ancient Egypt. 

2. We have been been learning how to use column addition to add 3-digit numbers…

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Week 4 - Je ne sais pas pourquoi

Je ne sais pas pourquoi - I don't know why (but we love learning French). 

Top five moments of the week -

1. We measured the perimeter of 2D shapes.

2.We are learning out harvest song - Big Red Combine Havester.

3. We took a class photograph for the school time capsule. 

4. We read…

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Week 3 - Dancing

This week we have been dancing with Miss Leah. 

Top five moments of the week - 

1. Miss Leah came into school and choreographed a dance. 

2. It has been all about place value of 3-digit numbers. 

3. We investigated the suspects of who might have killed Tutankhamun. 

4. We wrote…

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