Mrs Miller Takes Over

Top five moments of the week -

1. We explored the Tutankhamun Mystery, in our History. 

2. We learnt about bar graphs, in our Maths. 

3. We have made PowerPoints for you to see, in Year Three. 

4. We have learnt about love, and God's word from above.

5. We learnt all about a looking…

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Fun without the Sun

Top five moments of the week -

1. We have finished our investigation into "Was Tutankhamun Killed?" and start the report next week. 

2. We have been learning about UV light and the dangers of the sun. 

3. In Mathematics, we have explored column addition. 

4. In History, we learnt about…

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The Mystery of Tutankhamun

Top five moments of the week - 

1. We learnt three suspects that might have killed Tutankhamun.

2. A big moment this week was when we played guess the 3D shape. 

3. We loved using the oil pastels in Art. 

4. Virtue really enjoyed writing our own stories about the Magic Door. 

5. We…

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Top 5 moments of the week -

1. We have explored the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb. 

2. We have been understanding place value in Mathematics. 

3. It has been a busy week for making pointillism in Art. 

4. PE has been about catching and throwing skills.

5. Neighbours is back on…

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Dots, Dots, Dots

Five top moments of the week -

1. We have been dotting around in Art, working on pointillism. 

2. It has been a busy week of English, learning about Tutankhamun. 

3. Mathematics has been all about place value, ordering and comparing 3-digit numbers,

4. Balances were the name of the…

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Week 38 - Tears on my Pillow

This week was our musical Greased Lightning - here is a cast list. 


CHARACTERS                 CAST


DANNY ZUKO                   DYLAN TAYLOR               


FRENCHY                         CHARLEY COOPER

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Week 37 - I Wouldn't Change A Thing

Five moments of the week -

1. Grease rehearsals in the afternoons. 

2. Yoga fun on Wednesday.

3. Learning about Brazil and the UK. 

4. Creating and painting our photo frames. 

5. We have been learning about fractions.

Star of the week - James

Merits - Evie and 

Politeness -…

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Week 36 - Timebomb

Top five moments of the week - 

1. We have been learning all about how soil is actually made up of organic materials. 

2. We read the story of Sita and Rama. 

3. We have been learning about the short division method. 

4. Miss Leah taught us gymnastics. 

5. We have painted, coloured…

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Week 35 - Wow Wow Wow

Top five moments of the week -

1. We have been learning The Addams Family theme and Summer Holiday for World Music Day. 

2. Mathematics has been focused on doubling and halving. 

3. What do you know about the United Kingdom?

4. Everybody has planned, written and edited a story based on…

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Week 34 - Padam Padam

Top five moments of the week -

1. In English we have read and worked on Ottoline and the Yellow Cat. 

2. We have made cards for special people. 

3. We have completed column addition with decimal numbers.

4. We made a landscape for the photo frames. 

5. We made a special relationship…

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Week 33 - Spinning Around

Top 5 moments of the week 

1. Sports day was amazing.

2. Ottoline is our new class novel - it is fantastic. 

3. We have been comparing and ordering decimal numbers. 

4. It has been a super week of sports with Miss Leah's gymnastics class. 

5. We have designed our own photo…

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Week 32 - Chiggy Wiggy

Top five moments of the week -

1. We made pottery out of clay in the style of Odundo. 

2. We finished reading the Queen's Nose by Dick King Smith. 

3. We wrote our own stories based on the Queen's nose story.

4. In dance, we have finished our Bollywood choreography.

5. This week we…

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