Week 2 - Step Back In Time

We stepped back in time to Ancient Egypt...

1. We understand how Howard Carter felt entering Tutankhamun's tomb.

2. In Mathematics, we have been learning about place value of 3-digit numbers. 

3. We had Art with Mrs Bradley and looked at the work of Roy Lichtenstein. 

4. Miss Leah came…

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Week 1 - Into the Blue

Being in a new class and Key Stage is like walking into the blue...

Top 5 moments of the week -

1. We have learnt about Ancient Egypt, including hieroglyphics, mummification and the River Nile. 

2. We have ordered and compared 3-digit numbers and been learning our 3 times tables.

3. We…

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The Jungle Groove!

This week was performance week for some of the children in Bronze Class. We were so impressed with the school production of The Jungle Groove! All the children have worked so hard and put on an AMAZING performance


Our top 5 moments of the week in Bronze Class

1) In Mathematics we have…

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A short but sweet week

We have certainly packed a lot into a 4-day week this week! 

In English we have been planning, writing and recording our own audiobook retelling the story The Dragon Slayer.

In Mathematics, we are continuing our learning on time, looking at converting intervals of time and sequencing the…

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Guest Bloggers - Isaac and Esme

This week we have been outside lots in the sunshine! 

Our top 5 moments this week are:

1) We have been making our dads some cards for Father's day - Isaac

2) Wednesday was sports day. My favourite race was the running race - Esme

3) Miss Cookson has been teaching us how to tell the…

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This weeks guest blogger is Viaan Rohit

Today we have been celebrating the Queen's jubilee. She has been the Queen for 70 years. 

We made a collage of pictures from London. 

I have been eating a big dinner with all of school in the hall. I had a ham sandwich. 

We played head hunters outside and did lots of running to try and…

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Bronze Guest Bloggers - Niamh and Kyra

This week our top 5 moments were:

1) We have learnt about the 5 K's in RE. We are learning about the Sikhi faith.

2) We designed our own pizza in DT. Mine will have bbq chicken on it (Niamh) and mine will have the same! (Kyra)

3) In PE we have been practising our throwing with the…

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Lining up

This week in Bronze class we have been busy learning all about lines in Mathematics. We have learnt about horizontal, vertical, diagonal, perpendicular and parallel lines. The children have been amazing at finding examples of these all around school! 

In English we have been continuing to read…

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Welcome to Ancient Rome!

Image of Welcome to Ancient Rome!

Today we finished our History topic from last half term all about the Romans by having a Roman Day. 

Some of the activities we completed in our Roman Passport included: 

- Making a Roman mosaic tile

- Sculpting a Roman vase

- Competing in a Javelin throwing competition (Logan and Rossi…

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Hope and Hannah's Top 5 Moments of the Week

Image of Hope and Hannah's Top 5 Moments of the Week

Our guest bloggers this week are Hope and Hannah!

Here are our top 5 moments of the week:

1) "Today we made red nose biscuits because it is Red Nose Day! I made a giraffe!" - Hope

2) "I enjoyed doing the red nose headhunters." - Hannah

3) "In PE we have been doing gymnastics. We…

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What a creative week!

Image of What a creative week!

We've been incredibly busy this week in Bronze Class. Have a look at our galleries below to see what we've been doing! 

Certificate winners

Star of the week - Oliver

Merit Certificates - Kara and Justyna

Good Friend - Lillie


Design Technology - Tie-Dye


History -…

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This week in Bronze class we have been learning about what life is like living in different countries in our new book 'Let's go to...'

So far we have learnt about what life is like living in Paris, as well as practising our French and learning the colours and greetings during Monday's French…

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