Postal Address

Pool House Community Primary School


Tel: 01772 732628
Fax: 01772 734632

Please use the enquiry form to contact School Staff

To speak to Mrs Jones please select Absences and School Administration

To speak to Mrs Cole please select Headteacher

To speak to Mr Parkinson please select Premises

To speak to Miss Bryson please select Website

To speak to our Miss Ellison our Special Needs Coordinator please select SENCO

To speak to Kerri or Nichola please select Nursery


There is limited parking on the road outside school.

We try to encourage parents to use the local Community Centre Carpark or Tanterton Christian Centre carparks when dropping or collecting their child(ren) from school, both carparks are next door to school.

Please think carefully before parking, taking an extra 20 steps may keep a child safe.

Our carpark is for School Staff and Official Visitor use only.

Parking leaflet

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