This week our top 5 moments were:

1) We have learnt about the 5 K's in RE. We are learning about the Sikhi faith.

2) We designed our own pizza in DT. Mine will have bbq chicken on it (Niamh) and mine will have the same! (Kyra)

3) In PE we have been practising our throwing with the basketballs.

4) We finished reading George's Marvellous Medicine in English. We made an antidote for Grandma and used alliteration in our recipe. In SPAG we have been learning how to add the suffixes -ful and -less. 

5) Today we had a debate in History. We had to argue for or against the railways.


Our certificate winners this week are: 

Merit - Kyra and Kara

Star of the week - Isaac

Good Friend - Grace