The Rainbow fish

The Rainbow Fish

What a lovely, busy first week back after half term!

This week our topic is The Rainbow Fish, we have been really enjoying this Topic so far, we have been doing lots of crafts, collaging our own Rainbow fish and making star fish.

In maths we have been focusing on Odd…

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Week 32 - Chiggy Wiggy

Top five moments of the week -

1. We made pottery out of clay in the style of Odundo. 

2. We finished reading the Queen's Nose by Dick King Smith. 

3. We wrote our own stories based on the Queen's nose story.

4. In dance, we have finished our Bollywood choreography.

5. This week we…

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An Active Week

Image of An Active Week

In our final week before half term we have once again been very active and have made the most of the nice weather outside.


  1. We have been practising for Sports Day (first Tuesday back after half term!) with some of the other classes, practising: 100m sprint, hurdles, obstacle courses and…
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Moonbeam Class Summer Term 1

Image of Moonbeam Class Summer Term 1

This week in the Moonbeam Class…..


In English we have started a new topic of storytellers.

In science we are investigating materials.

In History we are exploring similarities and differences of great explorers.

In Art the children have been creating their own land Art, inspired…

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Week 31 - One More Time

Top five moment of the week - 

1. We have been reading the Queen's Nose. 

2.We have been reading, writing, plotting and adding and subtracting decimal numbers. 

3.We have been making a train out junk modelling. 

4. We have been able to learn about catching and throwing.

5. We have…

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An Enterprising Week

Image of An Enterprising Week

This week was our first since completing our SATs last week. We began focusing on our Enterprise Project which is a project that hits multiple curriculum areas whist working towards a goal after SATs.


  1. We began by discussing our ideas for the Enterprise Project, deciding that we would…
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Fab Five!

We have been busy this week in Year 5.

We have been learning all about mountains and volcanoes in geography and even watched some volcanoes erupting when we did our own research. We are going to be having a go at erupting our own mini volcanoes during summer term. We made sculptures in art in…

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Image of SATS Week

This week we have been completing our SATs tests that we have been revising for the last couple of weeks and working towards throughout the academic year.


  1. On Tuesday we had the SPAG tests and the Spelling test. This tested our knowledge of words classes an punctuation.
  2. On Wednesday it…
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Week 30 - Flower

Five big moments from the week - 

1. In Mathematics, we explored short division method with remainders and read Roman Numerals. 

2. In English, we drew calligrams and then wrote our own calligram shape poem. 

3. In Science, we understood the life cycle of a flowering plant and drew life…

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Wonderful week in Rainbow Class

What wonderful four day week in Rainbow class. Blog by Ava-Mae .  

This week I have really enjoyed designing a secret worker in Charlie and the Chocolate factory. We have been outside lots this week in Maths and Science. 
We have been looking for minibeasts in their habitats and…

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Week 29 - Impossible Princess

Top 5 moments of the week - 

1. We have created a whole new fashion magazine, where we were journalists writing about fashion. 

2. We have been revising grid method in Mathematics. 

3. We have been learning more about what plants need to survive and grow. 

4. In History, we looked at…

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Celebrations in the Moonbeam Class!

Image of Celebrations in the Moonbeam Class!

In the Moonbeam Class today we had lots of fun celebrating King Charles III Coronation. We had fun activities in the morning, which included, a game of rounder’s, crown making, Union Jack biscuit decorating and king and solider crafts. In the afternoon we had party games and lots of singing and…

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