A Fun Filled Week in Diamond Class

In Diamond Class this week, we have been making posters on the laptop in RE. We have looked at the festival of Holi and why the colours are important for Hindus.

In dance, we have been dancing to Spanish music with Miss Leah. We enjoyed the partner work.

In English, we have been reading a…

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Sunshine Class

This week in the Sunshine Class……


We had lots of fun in our own PE lesson. We started with a new warm. Then we looked and practiced underarm throwing to each other. We also had fun using hula hoops. We then incorporated our maths into PE, where we looked for bean bags that added up to…

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Brilliant Biking

Image of Brilliant Biking

We have had a great week this week in Diamond Class and continued with lots of fun learning. In mathematics, we have continued with place value and multiplication. In English, we have been creating our own adverts, which we performed to our friends. In RE, we have been learning all about the Hindu…

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Beasts, Dragons and Monsters

Top five moments of the week -

1. We have been learning about legend stories and read about the white dragons. 

2. We have learnt how to use grid method to solve multiplication problems. 

3. We learnt all about Boudicca, the Celtic queen. 

4. We danced to a new song with Miss Leah,…

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Week 2 - Diamond Class

Hello! Welcome to our week 2 blog.

This week in Diamond Class, we have continued with lots of fun learning.

In mathematics, we have been looking at addition and subtraction of decimals, which we have absolutely aced!

In English, we have continued with our museum topic, we wrote our own…

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Sunshine Class with a hint of Snow!

Image of Sunshine Class with a hint of Snow!

This week in Sunshine Class….


We had so much fun in the Snow!


We have been making our own Treasure Maps, Following Treasure Maps and writing and drawing things about Antarctica on a Fact File.

In Phonics we’ve been learning oo- moon, oo- book, ar– dark and or– horn. The tricky…

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Five top moments -

1. We did so well on our spelling test we got an extra break time in the snow. 

2. We have learnt about Roman shields and armour. 

3. We have explored legend stories including the Dragon Slayer. 

4. We compared and sorted vertebrates and invertebrates. 

5. We had…

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New year, new term, new fun and learning

Happy new year to you all and welcome back to you all after the Christmas break. It has been lovely this week to hear all about the fun family times you have had together during the half term.

We have started new topics in all our subjects this week:

English - Fairy-tales


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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Welcome back and welcome to Diamond Class 2024. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. It was so lovely to see everyone on Monday and hear all about their half term break. We have had a lovely first week back and had lots of fun together. 

In English, we have been…

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Week 1 in Gold Class

Week commencing 08 January 2024


Welcome back to Gold Class! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas break. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Year 6 this week and I am looking forward to the rest of the term with them.

In Mathematics we have looked at fractions. We have learnt…

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January is here!

Top five moments of the week - 

1. We have been learning about the Romans. 

2. In Mathematics we learnt more about place value, rounding numbers and column addition. 

3. In Science we labelled the human skeleton. 

4. We have read three stories this week, George and the Dragon, Saint…

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Welcome Back Sunshine Class!

Welcome back Sunshine Class – Hoping everyone had a lovely break, Christmas and New Year!


This week in Sunshine Class…..

We have been learning about winter, Antarctica and Igloos. In the Role play area we have created Antarctica, with lots of activities. Outdoors the role play is an…

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