Our Weekly Round Up

We have had lots of fun in Year 5 this week. We have been enjoying some outdoor learning for SPAG and maths.

We have also created fact files on Greek Gods. In geography, we researched different European cities and created posters with our friends.

We have been learning a new dance with…

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Sunshine Class

This week in Sunshine Class…..


We have been focusing on volume and capacity in Mathematics.

We have been learning and writing about the seaside.

In Continous Provision we have enjoyed lots of under the sea activites, including learning about Pirates.

We read lots of pirate books…

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A Day in Diamond

We have had another great week in Diamond Class this week.

We have been continuing with our learning about Greek myths and reading lots of stories.

In mathematics, we have been looking at word problems.

In PE, we carried on learning our dance with Miss Leah and improving our throwing and…

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Mr Turpin and Friends

Four top moments of Year 4 -

1) Mr Bamber read our minds. 

2) We have been learning about short division in Mathematics. 

3) In History, we have learnt about Dick Turpin. 

4) We practised and planned our news report. 

Star - Korben 

Merits - Emmanuella and Joe 

Politeness -…

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The sun has got his hat on!

Week 4

We’ve had a wonderful week enjoying the sunshine this week.

Here are just some of the things we have been learning about:

  1. In Mathematics we have been practising our directional skills including moving forwards, backwards, left and right. We have also been learning about…
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The Sun is Out!

Image of The Sun is Out!

This week in Sunshine Class…….


We have been reading the Rainbow Fish story. We then focused on what is ‘Under the Sea’. We created our own Rainbow Fish, Our own Jelly Fish and we wrote about creatures under the sea, by describing them.

In Maths we have focusing on double numbers and odd…

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Have you been watching?

Top 4 moments in 4 - 

1. We learnt all about the multiplication grid method. 

2. We have learnt about John Logie Baird. 

3. We completed our Science experiment on teeth hygiene. 

4.  We danced to the Greatest Showman soundtrack with Miss Leah. 

Star of the week - Jake 

Merits - …

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Its warming up outside

In English we have been looking into how to look after pets. We started the week having a class debate about having a rat or a lion as a pet. 2 groups were for having the pet and 2 groups were against having the pets. We had some really good points. We have also written instructions all about what…

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Diamond Class Blog

We have had another great week of learning this week in Diamond Class.


In RE, we have been looking at the Holy Trinity and why this is important to Christians.

In English, we have been producing an information text for a junior explorer.

In mathematics, we have been looking at…

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The End of the Iron Man

Four Moments in Four - 

1. We conducted an experiment about tooth hygiene, we placed eggs (representing teeth) into different liquids. They were - fizzy pop, water, milk, orange juice and soap. 

2. We have spent the week planning, writing and editing our own stories based on the works of Ted…

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Making Porridge!

Image of Making Porridge!

This week in Sunshine Class…..


We have been having lots of fun in the outdoor area. The children have been playing the 3 bears favourite song, they have been washing the pots that the 3 bears used to make porridge, they have been building the baby bears broken chair and the bed that…

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Dazzling Diamonds

Blog by Hope and Niamh.


This week in Diamond Class we have been learning lots of new things.

Monday – we found missing numbers on a number line.

Tuesday – we carried on learning our dance with Miss Leah to The Greatest Show.

Wednesday – we had our music assembly and we learnt…

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