Silver Class Top 5 moments

This week we have been very busy in Silver class. Here are our top 5 moments of the week. 

1) We have been writing our own spooky stories in groups, ready to record our podcasts next week!

2) We celebrated Children in Need and learnt all about how our money supports the charity. 

3) In…

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Bright sparks

In Silver Class this week we have been very busy with lots of learning! 


Here are our top 5 moments of the week:

1) "We have been learning about conductors and insulators and making circuits to test different materials." - Isaac

2) "In Maths we have been learning to find the…

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Out of this world!

This week in Silver Class the children have been working very hard to plan and then write their biographies about Neil Armstrong. We have learnt lots of interesting facts about his life, including his famous journey to the Moon. "Did you know Neil narrowly escaped death?" - Viaan

In Science, we…

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Guest Blogger - Viaan

Hello from Silver Class! 

These are our top 5 moments this week. 

1) We have done reading skills and our reading skills book is The Twits.

2) Today AFC Fylde came in and we played bench ball and dodgeball in PE. 

3) In English we have been writing notes for our biography about Neil…

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Short but sweet!

Our top 5 moments in Silver class this week -

1) "We have been learning about Neil Armstrong in English. We are making a timeline of his life." - Jamie

2) "In Mathematics we have been converting fractions to decimals." - Archie

3) "On Tuesday we had a non-uniform day to remember the Queen…

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Welcome back!

What a wonderful first week in Silver class. The children have been fantastic and settled into the expectations of being in Year 4 so well. We've had a fun week, and even though we knew each other very well already, we have played some games and activities to find out even more about our…

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Silver Class' Week

This week we have been focusing on the ladder method in Mathematics, the children have worked hard to master this method and use their times tables to support them. 

In English we have continued developing our virtual tours all about school. The children have enjoyed researching and writing all…

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Perimeter Pros

Our top 6 moments this week have been:

  • In Mathematics we have been finding the perimeter of different shapes – Scarlett
  • In English we have continued reading the Iron Man and focused on the author’s use of direct speech and written our own direct speech. – Damian
  • In Science we looked at…
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Fractions can be fun!

This week we have been focusing on Fractions and Decimals in Mathematics. The children have enjoyed learning more about how to use these skills more this week. We have completed a treasure hunt to answer questions finding fractions of amounts to get to the end of the treasure map. We have…

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A wonderful week of weather

This week our top moments have been:

  • “We’ve been learning about the grid method.” – Maddison
  • “We have finished making our Anglo-Saxon boats with Miss Hargreaves.” – Leyton & Israel
  • “Yesterday we made Mother’s Day cards.” – Lucy
  • “In English we have been looking at rap poems.” –…
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Word Detective Week

Our top five moments this week are:

  1. On Wednesday we began making our Anglo-Saxon boats in DT using art straws for a mast and felt for sails and shields.
  2. In PE we have learnt more about gymnastics in particular different types of balances.
  3. In English we have become word detectives…
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Bree-Anna, Gabriella & Charlie's blog

Here are the 5 things that silver class did this week.


  1. In Maths we have done short division and carrying remainders.
  2. In English we wrote our own article about the impact on children of Covid.
  3. In History we have learnt how Anglo-Saxons punished people.
  4. In Science we have learnt how…
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