This week in Silver class we have been busy bees once again! Here are just some of the things we have been learning about. 

1) In Mathematics we have been learning about translation using a grid and reflections using a mirror. 

2) In History we are learning more about crime and punishment, focusing on the most famous highwayman Dick Turpin. We created wanted posters for him. 

3) In English we have been building up to writing and publishing our newspaper reports all about an incredible sport. 

4) In Art and Design we are continuing to sew our own tapestry, telling a story in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry. 

5) In Science we have been learning more about classifying invertebrates by going to find them and using a classification key to help us work out what each one is called. 


Don't forget to have a look at our gallery pages to see what we have been doing. 


Certificate winners this week are:

Star of the Week - Connnor

Merit Certificates - Niamh and Grace

Good Friend - Viaan