This week we have been completing our SATs tests that we have been revising for the last couple of weeks and working towards throughout the academic year.


  1. On Tuesday we had the SPAG tests and the Spelling test. This tested our knowledge of words classes an punctuation.
  2. On Wednesday it was the Reading Paper. In this paper we had three different texts to read and then had to answer questions about each of them.
  3. On Thursday it was Mathematics. First we had an Arithmetic paper to complete (quick fire Mathematics) followed by a Reasoning Paper (real life word problems and problem solving).
  4. On Friday we had our second Reasoning Paper and also our final test of the week.


Each Morning we arrived at school for our breakfast – either a bowl of cereal or a sausage butty along with a drink of juice too.


The children did really well throughout the week and I am proud of each and every one of them!