Well-being Rainbows

It has been a celebration of well-being this week. 

Highlights of the week - 

1. Made a 'Jar of Hearts' with special messages on. 

2. We made other people in school happy. 

3. Listened to and sang "Sweet Caroline" and "Thank You For Being a Friend"

4. We experienced a group guided…

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Rainbow CNY

Highlights of our week


1. We learnt all about the traditions of Chinese New Year.


2. We created a Chinese New Year dance celebrating the dragon. 


3. We created a gold and red dragon. 


4. We have created red letters of positivity. 


5. We ended our week with a…

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Rainbow Natural Artists

Another week of amazing adventures...

1. We have been making modern art sculptures based on natural artists. 

2. We have been catching and throwing in PE.

3. We have explored more about chocolate, written super sentences and read to retrieve. 

4. We have learnt about fractions of…

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Rainbow Chocolatiers

Highlights of our week

1. We became chocolate taste testers and tried dark, milk, mind, white and sugar shelled chocolate. 

2. We learnt how to make multiplication arrays. 

3. We have practised dribbling and using space in PE. 

4. We have experimented on everyday materials.

5. We…

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Rainbow Subtractors

Spring Term 1 Week 2 

Highlights -

1. In Mathematics, we have been learning a new subtraction method. 

2. We have been planning and writing our own fairy tales. 

3. We found China on maps and in the atlas. 

4. We have been learning how to work as a team in PE. 

5. We have…

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Rainbow Tales

Welcome back to Week 1 of Spring Term 1. 

Our top five moments of the week! 

1. We have read fairy tales, understood the features and answered key questions. 

2. We have learnt about place value in Mathematics, ordering, partitioning and comparing 2-digit numbers. 

3. We have started…

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Rainbow Nativity

Highlights of our week


1. We have started rehearsals for our nativity - the Sleepy Shepherd. 

2. We have been learning about different types of sentences in English.

3. In Science we learnt about fish and amphibians. 

4. We have been understanding addition with regrouping. 


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Rainbow Reporters

Highlights of our week

1. We planned and wrote our non-chronological reports about orang-utans.

2. Mr Speakman taught us how to add combinations of coins to make an amount. 

3. We listened and sang some of our nativity songs.

4. In Science, we learnt about animal off springs. 

5. We…

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Rainbow Orang-utans

Highlights of our week

1. We learnt about animal survival in Science, animals basic needs are water, food, air and shelter. 

2. In English we have learnt more about orang-utans and about verbs, adjectives and nouns.  

3. Mr Speakman taught us gymnastics in PE, we made some balanced…

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Rainbow Remembers

Highlights of our week

1. On Thursday we remembered those who bravely fought for our country during the wars. 

2. We have learnt about orang-utans in English, reading the non-fiction book "All About Orang-utans".

3. We have been learning about ordering and comparing numbers with Mr…

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Rainbow Fireworks

Week 1 of Autumn Term 2 in Rainbow Class

1. We had a special Diwali workshop with an expert named Jaz. 

2. We learnt about Bonfire Night safety.

3. We created art work based on Bonfire Night and Fireworks. 

4. We created a Diwali dance. 

5. We learnt about different sounds in…

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Rainbow Monster

Week 6 - What a busy week!

1. We have read the book 'Operation Night Monster' and shared predictions and opinions.

2. We have learnt about place value of 2-digit numbers. 

3. We have learnt about why we need medicines. 

4. We have drawn maps of our school and investigated…

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