On Monday we discussed what we had done over the weekend, the children then went to draw a picture of something they had done over the weekend. When the children went to colour their picture they realised all our colours had gone missing. We then read the story of the day the crayons quit.The children wrote a letter in their key groups as if they were writing from a crayons point on view saying why they wanted to quit and why they were fed up. The yellow crayon was fed up always colouring the sun and wanted to colour daffodils for a change instead. The children really enjoyed this. 

Today we wrote letters to the crayons asking them to come back to sunshine class so fingers crossed they all return for Monday. 

Our supermarket is all set up now and the children have enjoyed being shopkeepers this week, they have also been doing some maths in there by adding together 2 items and checking them out at the till.

Children have been learning to type on the keyboard and have all written special messages ready for our mother day cards.

Lloyd from AFC flyde chose Lucas for this weeks football certificate.

Our star of the week this week goes to Noah.

Our merit certificates go to Aleks for talking more confidently to other and Amelia for always being kind and helpful to other.