It's the final countdown

The Final Countdown….

What a busy penultimate week we have had in Sunshine class.

We have continued with Phonics and reading as much as possible and have enjoyed the warmer weather outdoors.

On Monday we worked well in teams to build dens and shelters outdoors. We found lots of ways to…

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We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo...

This weeks work has all revolved around zoo animals, (that is during the few times we have actually been in class together during such a busy week!)

Mondays highlights were writing letters to our new teacher Miss Wilson and then spending the afternoon with her.

Tuesdays highlights were our…

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A bit of this and a bit of that

We have had another busy week. Here are the things we have been doing. 


This week we have been writing in full sentences as independently as possible. We have been learning what capital letter look like. We have also re-capped the ay, air, and ear sounds.

Mrs Bradley has been…

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Under the sea

This week we have been under the sea finding out about all the animals that live there. Each group has made a poster about different animals. The pears found out about sea turtles, the apples found out about jellyfish, the strawberries found out about starfish, the oranges found out about sharks…

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Its all about the Dads

Sunshine class have been sharing their favourite memories and things to do with their dads, grandads, uncles and brothers. We have made special cards for Sunday and we hope you enjoy looking at them. Thank you to the dads who came into school to celebrate fathers day this week.

We have spent…

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Kind Sunshiners

This week we thought it would be nice for you to hear from the children what they have been up to. 

Please watch our video.

Well done to Hope for being our star this week and Lucas and Ellie who got our merit certificates this week.


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Creepy crawlies

The final week of this term has been full of bugs and minibeasts. The children have been finding out facts about the creepy crawlies they have found by looking at them through magnifying glasses and observing their movements. Most children have made clay representations of bugs and painted their…

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Sunny days

Another week of lovely weather has allowed us to explore our outdoors even more. We collected more minibeasts on Monday which we looked at closely under the magnifying glasses and the drew and painted our own. Mrs Parkinson is very impressed with Hannah's worm, Sapphire's butterfly, Remi's…

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Hunting for bugs

This week has been shorter but jam packed full of fun and exploration.

On Tuesday morning we paired up to go hunting for bugs around the school grounds. The children were all amazing at this, finding the bugs hidey holes and favourite places. Sapphire and Ellie were superb, as were Lillie and…

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Healthy week

This week we have talked all about being healthy. How do we keep our bodies healthy?

'Brush our teeth' (Justyna)

'Have a shower' Rossi

'Wash germs off our hands' (Hope)

'Drink lots of water' (Naimh)

We talked about lots of different ways to keep our body healthy and we made posters…

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Aye Aye Captain

Aye Aye Captain! This week has been so much fun. We have enjoyed being pirates and finding out all about them. At the start of the week we split into our groups and came up with our own pirate names, flags and bases. We searched for treasure, and found famous pirates out in our…

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Sunny sunshiners

This week we have enjoyed more time outside enjoying the sunshine and our outdoor environment. We have been learning how to play nicely with the outdoor toys, sharing with our friends, and not mixing the materials up. Niamh and Hannah painted some beautiful spring pictures on the outdoor easel,…

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