Trip to PNE

I really enjoyed my time at the PNE stadium watching PNE vs Hull. I liked because there was lots of things going on and we chanted along the way. When PNE scored a goal we all stood up and laughed and sang.    The throng of people had drums and other things to make lots of noise. Before the end of the first half we put on our football clothes and waited for the end of the first half.

When it finally was half time we went down the stairs and went on the football pitch. We were against Kennington Primary School Ben was the goalie because Harrison wasn’t there. Ben  took the first shot but missed, and he didn’t save the first shot from the other school, then everyone in our group scored and Ben saved all the other shots we won the penalty shootout 4-1!



After that we went back and put our normal clothes on and the footballers came back and started training. After about 5 minutes PNE and Hull put back their training things and the game  resumed. PNE scored a penalty and the score was 2-1 to PNE. After PNE defended the ball for the whole second half the whistle blew and like that the match ended. 

By Wojciech and Ayyun 


PNE Visit 2018