On 18th May 2016, our friends from Ingol and Holy Family came together with ten of our Key Stage one children, to take part in a cluster activity.

It was all about ‘Marvellous Maths’! The children had to complete six different activities all related to maths and logic. Once they completed them, they got their ‘Marvellous Maths Passport’ stamped and could move on to the next one.

You can see the photos of the children having a go at Magic Squares, Sudoku, Brenda the Builder’s puzzle, Fibonacci spirals and a logic puzzle involving Coloured Shapes.

They all had a great time and definitely earned their juice and biscuits at the end!

Well done to William, Leila, Flynn, Dominic, Layla, Finley, Emily, Zoha, Alan and Ada for working so hard.

A huge ‘thank you’ as well, to the helpers on the day from year six- ‘thank you’ to Jack, Josh, Kya, Corby, Liam, McKensie and Kyle.