Before the summer holidays Mr Wrenn had been given a very unusual plant to look after, he kept the plant in the school hall during the summer holidays and asked no one to touch it. When the children returned to school in September the bean stalk had grown and had reached the ceiling in the hall!!

During the first assembly of the new school year we received a letter off a giant saying that someone had taken his egg and that if it wasn't returned to him by Friday then he would be eating the teachers! The children weren't too happy about this and had to investigate what had happened and look for clues to try and find the giants golden egg!

Throughout the week we had various visits from people and services in the community to help us find the egg and save the teachers.

  • The children found golden footprints on the field near our Playdale - the Police came out, taped the area off, took samples of the giants footprints, asked the children to provide fingerprint and footprint samples and spoke with the children about what they'll do with the evidence collected and how they investigate things.
  • School Governor Liz Soole came into school to tell the children what she had seen, apparently Mrs Soole was locking up the community centre one evening when she saw a huge shadow in the school grounds, to say she was terrified was an understatement! The children had a chance to listen to Mrs Soole's account of what she thought she saw and then had a chance to ask her questions, the children were very excited about this.
  • We arrived in school one morning (after a very windy night) and the golden egg was sitting under the tree on the infant playground, the police had already been called, attended, and taped the area off to keep the children safe! We then called our 'in-house' scientist Mrs Hanigan, who raced to school in her scientist attire to carry out a couple of test for the 'Nuclear Laboratory!' During these tests the egg fell over so we had call the Fire Service, on arrival the Firefighters got out of the Fire engine with their breathing apparatus and special gadgets and tested the egg to make sure it was safe.

During Fridays assembly we received an email from the giant saying that the golden egg had been returned safely and he was very grateful for all the help, the giant sent some golden coins into school for the children and to thank them for helping him find his golden egg!

Can we say a massive thank you to everyone who got involved with this, the children had a fantastic week and loved getting to the bottom of this mystery!