On Thursday 23rd April Sunshine class got on the Eurostar for and adventure to Paris. The children made passports and bought tickets from the ticket office.

When we arrived in Paris we got off the Eurostar and walked to a French Café. The children tried French bread, French cheese, brioche, croissants and drank hot chocolate. They all really enjoyed it.

Jamaar - The croissant was yummy.

Callie - The bread was nice with cheese on it.

Imogen - I liked the hot chocolate 

After we had been in the café we made our own French Flags.

After play time, we looked at famous French Landmarks. We got out the construction sets and the art straws and we made our own Eiffel Towers.

After dinner we got into 3 groups. In the groups the children went on a bike tour of Paris passing the famous landmarks, went to play at Disney land Paris and drew some pictures like the street artists in Paris. We all had lots of fun.

Our last bit of fun for the day was a surprise visit from Minnie mouse. The children all had snack with Minnie mouse and their picture taken with her.