School opens as normal on Monday 12th April after the Easter break. The gates will open at 8:50 and we will be following our Covid 19 response procedures, children will go into school and enter their classrooms via their fire doors. Parents are asked to either drop off their children outside the gates or keep within the coned off area. 

At the end of the day the gates will be opened at 3pm and classes will begin to come out around then. No class will be coming out before 3pm. 

To try to keep our tight response to the virus we are still asking parents to send children's packed lunches into school in either disposable packaging or in clean pack lunch boxes.

We will be continuing with our other Covid 19 procedures such as face coverings in or near to the school grounds and only one family / person in the entrance area at a time. We hope that we can count on your continued support with these measures.

Please contact Mr Mearns via email ( if you have any questions relating to the return to school or the schools continuing response to Covid 19.


Covid Updates

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