Another busy week! It just so happened that our project fitted in beautifully with the scientific activities going on in Science week in school. The children have been researching the different ways that we could make our own working compasses. We have found lots of different ways and if you take…

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Hot Cross Buns

This week in singing assembly we learnt a new song called Hotarukoi which is a Japanese song. We listened to a performance of the song and identified the instruments. We also practised Chanda Mama again as this song is proving quick tricky! We sang lots of action songs and are getting really good…

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Where Has This Week Gone???

What's that? its Friday already? How did that happen? The week seems to have ended before its began. We seemed to have managed a full week of sports this week, without the interuption of the dreaded British weather.

Monday was the start of a three day American Football extravaganza, with…

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I've got a golden ticket!

Image of I've got a golden ticket!

Another week of spring term 2 has flown by! We've been doing lots of interesting things this week and continuing our topic on Chocolate. 

Our English topic on Chocolate has meant we had to taste some chocolate on Monday because who can write about chocolate without a taste test! "My favourite…

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Gold Class Revision week.

It has been another really successful week in Gold Class! We have spent the majority of our mornings revising for our end of year 'QUIZ'. Everyone has worked really hard and the results of our revision tests have been very pleasing indeed.

We had a great time swimming on Monday morning and…

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The Iron Man Cometh

In Mathematics this week we have been learning about fractions. We have found this topic very challenging but we are getting there! We will continue practising these next week. In English we continued reading our key text.  We created a character profile about the main characters in the text and…

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Spring is here

In English we have been writing reports on what elephants use their trunk for. 

          "Elephants use their trunk for drinking water" (Lily)

          "They flick mud on their back to stop getting burnt" (Kayleigh)

          "They use their trunk to get food" (Mikquell)



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Fly me to the Moon!

Friday already!

What a fantastic week (according to Oscar) it has been in Sunshine class.

We have been 'Scientific Investigators', 'Stargazers' and 'Moonwatchers' this week.

One investigation we did was to find out how moon craters are made.

Sunshine class can tell you:

Moon goes…

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Mrs Hanigan’s Blog – 8.3.17.

Well guys, they say that there is a first time for everything and this is the first time I’ve blogged…ever…so bear with me…

So, what have the children who have been out with me been up to this week? The larger groups have been looking at the history of the compass and how they work. We found…

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Music Blog


This week in the hall we sung a song called Chanda Mama. This song is in Hindi and was quite difficult so we need to keep practising. We also sung different action and Easter hymns.

In KS1 and foundation we have been focusing on spring and Easter. We learnt a new song Spring Chicken and…

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Infant Cluster Event Spring 2017 - Rhyme Time

Image of Infant Cluster Event Spring 2017 - Rhyme Time

In March this year, we were joined by our friends from Ingol Community Primary School. We talked about rhymes and what they were and we looked at a rhyming story. 


The children then created a story board for our own story that would include rhymes. They even illustrated the story. As…

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This week in KS1 and Foundation we have been singing and composing songs all about Shrove Tuesday. Nursery children enjoyed playing the glockenspiels and singing about pancakes in a circle. Children in Sunshine Class used the shakers to sound like pancakes sizzling in the pan and made higher and…

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