Awesome Diamonds

Image of Awesome Diamonds

In Mathematics, we have been learning how to complete short division.

We have been writing a rap about our hobbies in English.

In PE, we have played football in our football development lesson.

In History, we have been learning all about the Stone Age and the tools and weapons they would…

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We Remember Them

We have been working hard in Diamond Class this week. 

On Friday, we remembered people who fought in the War and made poppies and wrote poems. 

In Mathematics, we have been looking at multiplication and division.

In English, we have been rapping and writing our own version. 



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A Special Week

We have had lots of fun this week in Diamond Class. In English, we have continued to read Friend or Foe and acted out in character roll. In Mathematics, we have been finding the perimeter of composite shapes and we also did some arithmetic questions on Friday. In geography, we had to find human…

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Shining Diamonds

In Mathematics, we have been learning about angles and how to measure them with a protractor. We know they are called acute, obtuse, reflex, right angle and straight line.

In English, we have read Friend or Foe.

In science, we made a life size solar system with fruit and toilet roll.

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Shining Like A Diamond

In Mathematics this week, we have been looking at column addition and subtraction with decimals. The children have worked so hard on this.

In English, we have been typing up our migration reports and editing them on the computer.

In Science, we have made planets and looked at the Earth. We…

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Week 2

Year 5 have worked hard this week in class and produced some lovely pieces of work. In art, we have created some beautiful pictures in the style of Alma Thomas. In English, we have been looking at animal migration and have made some excellent posters all about their travels. In Mathematics, we…

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Welcome Back

Image of Welcome Back

Welcome to our first blog in Year 5 this year, we hope you have all had a super summer. What an amazing first week we have had. The children have settled in really well and are getting used to the daily routines of Year 5. We are so proud of them all.

In English, we have been looking at a new…

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Fun in Five!

In Year 5 this week, we have had an amazing week because we watched the Summer Production – Jungle Groove. This was so much fun and we enjoyed singing along. We then all had a treat and watched The Jungle Book film.

In English, we have created stories to read to Year 2, next week we will pitch…

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Great Greeks

Image of Great Greeks

Great Greeks!


Year 5 have been enjoying learning all about Ancient Greece during summer term, so we had a Greek day where we took part in our own Olympics, tasted Greek food and wrote our names using the Greek alphabet. The children really enjoyed this and we have learned a lot about…

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Hello Coco

We have been having lots of fun in Year 5 this week and had lots of exciting learning going on too.

Miss Eccles, our trainee teacher, has been working with us in PE and Science. We have been using our map skills to find symbols around the school grounds in PE. In Science, we dissected a heart.…

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Fantastic Five

We have been busy in Year 5 this week. In Science, we have been looking at our pulse and carrying out an experiment to see how many beats per minute we could record. In Mathematics, we have been looking at how to tell the time on analogue and digital clocks. In English, we started our unit on…

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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back Everyone!

It is so good to be back. We have had a great first week after the Easter break. We have been busy in Year 5 learning lots of new things and having great fun along the way. 

In English, we have been looking at explorers and talking about places we might like to explore…

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