In English, we have been reading the BFG, and have been doing BFG related lessons such as book reviews, making up nonsense words that the giants might use and creating our own characters.

In PE, we have been learning a dance to a musical called Grease using the song Greased Lightnin' with our dance teacher Miss Leah.

This week in history we have been learning about The Black Death and how and what caused it. We also learnt about the five day symptoms.

In Mathematics, we have been learning about fractions and learning that whatever you do to the bottom you must always do to the top.

In science, we have learned about how the blood flows around the body and what the heart, lungs and veins do to help our body survive.

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Merit: Eva and Maddison

Good Friend: Damian

Star of the Week: Millie

Parkinson Polite: Mya