You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread man!

This week has been a very exciting week, on Monday we went upstairs to the staff room to bake Gingerbread Men, and we all had a go at adding the ingredients and mixing them. While our Gingerbread men were baking we buddied up with year 5 and read to them! We all went up to the staff room to get them out the oven and they had been taken! Our job was to turn into detectives to try and find out who had taken our gingerbread men. There was lots of clues, including a handprint and footprint left for us to measure. We narrowed it down to 4 culprits, Mr.P, Mrs. Cole, Mr.Mearns and Mr.Bamber…….After some more investigating we realised it was all pointing to Mr.Bamber! We spoke to Mr.Bamber who admitted he had taken the Gingerbread Men but only to stop them from burning, he had left us some clues to find them around school, we all found them then ate them, and they were delicious! 


In maths we have been subtracting numbers from 10 and even numbers from 20! To do this, we have played games, used cubes and Skittles. We are getting very good at subtracting now! In Phonics we have been learning er, oi, ow and recapping sounds. We also did a writing activity about the gingerbread man. We have been getting creative this week, starting with Colour mixing, mixing different shades of primary colours, to see what colours we could make. We really enjoyed this activity and mixing all the different shades.

We had dance with Miss Leah and football with AFC Fylde

On Friday we celebrated world book day, please see our gallery for photos of the day


The football award goes to Hudson

The Dance award goes to Lana

Our Star of the week is Sehar

Our merit awards go to Lucie and Autumn

Our kind friend award goes to Bobby

The Mrs. Parkinsons Polite award goes to Thomas