It was great to see everyone back at school with smiles on their faces after the half term. Only three days this week but it was still a very busy week:


  1. We finished our Iron Man Interview transcripts, discussing an incident that someone had witnessed involving the Iron Man, Iron Woman or another Iron Creature. We then created our own newspaper articles reporting on the events.
  2. In Science we began our new topic about Evolution and Inheritance and created our own fossils that we are planning on excavating next week.
  3. We discovered what The Battle Of Britain was and how radar was used by the British and Allied forces in the war in order to win the ongoing battles in the skies. We then re-enacted using radar in a practical activity in the hall.
  4. In Mathematics this week we revised the key skills that we learnt in Autumn Term 1: adding decimals with different decimal places, short division, long multiplication, subtracting decimals from integers and multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000.
  5. On Friday afternoon M and M productions came in and we were treated to a fantastic performance that we all really enjoyed! On Friday night we came to watch the firework display!