In PE this week we continued to practise a range of balances on the mats as well as practising how to jump on and off benches. We also got the vaults out and practised mounting the vaults, travelling onto the vaults and jumping from the vaults, again practising a range of jumps.

In Science this week we started an investigation about microorganisms. As part of our planning for this investigation we considered the dependent variables, independent variables and the controlled variables. We placed bread into different conditions around school in order to see where mould grows on the bread. We shall revisit our experiment and find out our results at the end of this half term.

In English this week we have been planning a newspaper article. We picked out the key features of a newspaper article when looking at examples as well as key writing features that we in the examples. We then planned our own newspapers in our rough books before typing them up on a laptop, formatting our pages so that they were in columns like a real newspaper!