1. In English this week, we planned and then wrote our diary entries from the perspective of a person in Pompeii. We used a range of topical vocabulary (amphitheatre, thermal baths, market traders) as well as a range of key Year 6 skills. The standard has been set very high already! We will be using this piece of writing and the Head Team speeches to start awarding Pen Licenses.
  2. We continued our PE topic about Gymnastics. This week we built upon the skills from last week and began to perform a range of jumps on and off the benches, as well as a range of counter tension balances.
  3. We performed a range of Harvest Festival songs in Music Assembly this week and added actions to each of the songs as well as instruments too. In class, we began researching the history of music, considering how people in the Stone Age created instruments.
  4. In History, we considered the lives that children evacuated in the war would have lived and began planning a letter or post card home to parents from their perspective.
  5. In Mathematics, we focused on the short division method, considering when to use this method and which form to write our remainders in if we have any.