This week (Thursday 16th June and Friday 17th June) we have had the opportunity to practise a range of basic First Aid skills. The children loved learning these crucial life skills, asked a range of interesting question and most importantly, had a go at as much practical work as they could. Practise builds confidence! Hopefully the children will never have to use these skills but at Pool House we believe that sending them off the High School with life skills as well as academic skills is so important.

All the staff in school were impressed by the children's attitude towards their learning throughout each of the activities in these two days. A big thank you to Albany Training for providing the First Aid equipment for the children to practise with. 

The children had the opportunity to practise:


  • How to place a baby into the recovery position
  • How to place a child into the recovery position
  • How to respond if a baby was choking
  • How to respond if a child was choking
  • How to administer CPR to a baby
  • How to administer CPR to a child
  • How to bandage a severe bleed
  • How to place an arm in an elevation sling
  • How to bandage an embedded object
  • How to bandage a bleed on the skull
  • How to place an arm into a support sling

Please check our class gallery page for pictures of each of the skills being practised.