I have been really impressed with the effort, determination and perseverance that the children have put in and shown over the last few weeks (all year really!). Below is a quick summary of our learning this week:

  1. We carried out an Arithmetic Scavenger Hunt in Mathematics as part of our SATs revision. We worked in groups to find each of the questions (hidden around the school grounds by Mr Price) and then try to solve each of the questions.
  2. We also carried out revision for Long Division and Long Multiplication in Mathematics, which are key arithmetic skills. See our gallery for our evidence from this lesson.
  3. In English we also carried out Scavenger Hunts for both Reading Skills and for SPAG, two crucial skills that will be tested next week. Again, these activities allowed the children to revise in a fun way.
  4. We continued out Football Development Programme on Friday afternoon. This week our focus was on developing our tackling and defending skills.
  5. In History we explored the different types of monuments or memorials that can be found within our local area. We realised that monuments and memorials can be in many different forms: cenotaphs, obelisks, arches, plaques, symbolic objects, crosses and columns.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week and I look forward to seeing those of you that want a breakfast before SATs at 8.00am on Monday morning!