Welcome back after what I hope was a fantastic half term for all of you. Below are our top 4 moments from our first week of Spring Term 2.


  1. We began our new English topic of The Jabberwocky. The Jabberwocky is a nonsense poem written by Lewis Carroll. This week we read through the poem and discussed what we thought was happening in the poem. We then identified key word classes – verbs, nouns, adjectives, pronouns and adverbials even though they were nonsense words. Later in the week we designed our own versions of the creatures using the descriptions in the text.


  1. In Mathematics we began using the Long Division method. We discussed why we sometimes use this method rather than the short division method that we are already familiar with. We used this method to divide three and four digit numbers by a two digit divisor.


  1. In Geography we started our new topic about Eastern Europe. In our first lesson on this topic we talked about what we already know about this topic and what we would like to learn – this was a fantastic discussion, particularly with the terrible events happening in Eastern Europe at present. We then researched the countries of Eastern Europe and labelled them on a map.


  1. In French we have continued broadening our vocabulary and can now ask someone what their name is, how they are feeling, what age they are and what hobbies they have. After engaging in many verbal discussion lessons we created our own scripts of our conversations – some of which will be placed on display.


This week the first of our Pool House Pen Licenses were given out to children who have completed written work both legibly and cursively consistently throughout the year so far. A massive well done to Rahma, Lily-May, Amy-Jo, Ada and Darcy on being the first to achieve this!