We have had a fantastic final week of Spring Term 1 in Gold Class. As always it has been a very busy week, which has rounded off a busy half term. However, whilst being busy, we have also learnt lots and had lots of fun.


  1. On Monday we created our own Mayan Xocolatl, which is the Mayan version of hot chocolate. We created this by following instructions given to us, particularly by tipping the mixture backwards and forwards from cup to cup. We also added chilli to the mixture too! After tasting the Xocolatl, we wrote our own recipe in our History books, explaining how we had made it.
  2. After selecting our two debate topic – ‘Should children have to wear uniform in school?’ and ‘Should there be a wider variety of food available at lunch?’ and researching them last week, this week we carried out our debate. There was a pleasing variety of both fact and opinion and in both debates both sides made very convincing arguments.
  3. This week was Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing week. We completed activities in class that promoted this before taking part in an Interactive Assembly with Ross McWilliam, a guest to our school who is a leading professional in Mental Health First Aid.
  4. In Mathematics we have learnt about factors, multiples and prime numbers and created our own definitions about each. We then when on to find the HCF (Highest Common Factor) and LCM (Lowest Common Multiple) of given sets of numbers, as well as identifying the prime numbers.
  5. In Computing with Mr Mearns we completed our promotional videos for Pool House Primary School, cutting and merging the variety of clips we had collected around school in our previous Computing lesson.


I hope everyone has a wonderful week off and that you make sure you have a rest and stay safe. I look forward to seeing you all next half term for more learning and more fun!