1. This week we continued our short story topic in English and created our own short stories based on the story ‘Thank Goodness’ written by Michael Rosen. We then shared these stories with the class, either through reading them out or through acting the story out in groups.
  2. In Mathematics we spent the week focusing on negative numbers. We began by researching and creating posters about how negative numbers are used in a real life context. We then ordered negative and positive numbers using the greater than, equal to and less than symbols as well as answered questions about negative numbers presented in charts and graphs.
  3. In History we learnt about the Mayan Civilisation creation story. We read through this as a class before splitting into different groups. In these groups we were given a section of the story to act out. We then watched each group act out the story from beginning to end.
  4. In RE we took part in some experimental learning through a meditation session. In this session Mrs Gibson read out a meditation script whilst we put our heads down, closed our eyes and listened to the words and the soothing music.
  5. In Art we learnt about Kurt Schwitters and his abstract collage. We discussed who Kurt was, why he referred to his pieces of art as ‘Merz’ and considered how he created his collages and the materials that he used too.