On Monday, we did our spelling test in the morning and then started to learn about the Jabberwocky in English. After lunch, we started our PE topic on Orienteering and had to run around the school grounds searching for Orienteering flags. Our RE topic today was about what happens after death. We had a very sensible discussion about our thoughts and feelings about this.



On Tuesday, we started the day off with SPAG and continued with Jabberwocky reading skills and we all did very well. In mathematics we rounded numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000. In the afternoon, we did History with our new teacher in class: Miss Anderson Jones.



On Wednesday, we learnt about the uses of brackets and in maths rounding numbers in maths and tasted biscuits in DT. We tasted the biscuits on the back yard and in my opinion the cheese bakes were the best.



On Thursday, we finished our topic on rounding but this time we rounded decimals to the nearest integer. In the afternoon we did rounders with Miss Anderson Jones and did computing after to relax.



Today, we finished our Jabberwocky topic and did an arithmetic after break. In the afternoon we started our new Science topic about the Circulatory System.