A warm welcome back to you all! This week has been a busy one but a really enjoyable one and I think everyone has enjoyed being back after half term. The blog this week has been written by Emily Jones again who is our chief blogger!



On Monday, we practiced our skill of long division in Maths. Also, we made a wanted poster in English for the fiendish Gollum and played head hunters (linked to The Hobbit) in PE which was very fun and exciting.


On Tuesday, we carried on with our long division in Maths and did some Gollum riddles in class. After lunch, we learnt some PSCHE skills about social media and what magazine photos or information on the internet can be true or false.


On Wednesday, we started revising percentages in Maths and read and watched a few clips from The Hobbit which would help us for tomorrow’s task on planning our own exclusive chapter to The Hobbit.


On Thursday, we planned our own Hobbit chapters and learnt about colons and semi colons in SPAG. Also after break we finished off our percentages topic. We carried out a scavenger hunt in the afternoon, where we were given clues as to where objects were hidden around the school grounds which we had to solve in order to find them. We then created our own scavenger hunt clues for next week.


Today, we had an arithmetic test in the morning and actually typed up our Hobbit chapters on the laptops. After that, we carried out our Science lesson on the topic of light and all about Refraction. We then all enjoyed our first golden time since we have been back.