This week we continued to read War Horse and consider poetry that has similar links. We were given the task to compare and contrast the life of the horses before the war and their life during the war. To help us compose our own poetry we analysed the work of Lucy Gertrude Moberley and considered the language used in each of the stanzas. The first stanza reflects positively on the life that the horse had before World War One erupted. It is also written in past tense. The second stanza uses very different language that paints the war in a negative light. It is also written in the present tense which suggests that the horse is question is currently in the war!


Last year he drew the harvest home

Along the winding upland lane;

The children twisted marigolds

And clover flowers, to deck his mane.

Last year he drew the harvest home.


To-day, with puzzled, patient face,

With ears a-droop, and weary feet

He marches to the sound of drums,

And draws the gun along the street.

To-day he draws the guns of war!