Just a quick blog this week to let you know some of the things that the year six children have been doing when they came out to me. In mathematics, we went over some of the angle questions they had struggled with, they were very hard, but they got there in the end. We also looked at factors, prime numbers and long multiplication – they did fantastically.


In the reading comprehension group, we looked at a poem called: ‘Visiting Mrs Neverley’ by Phillip Gross. The children annotated the poem and answered questions on it. We really tried to ensure that we followed the idea of P.P.E. (Point, Proof, Explanation), or as I call it: Mr PEE- Point, Evidence, Explanation…same thing really! Keira was a real star and was able to do an incredibly good analysis of the poem-well done!


In S.P.A.G. and writing, we have looked at different sentence types, the subjunctive form of the verb and have completed writing a story and also wrote a letter advising Justin Beiber on the correct use of the subjunctive verb! They particularly enjoyed looking at the correct usage of colons, semi-colons and dashes and have requested that I put the video link on the blog (did you like my use of the subjunctive verb there?) Here goes: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/supermovers/43203743

Finally, this week's challenge, is to see how many different ways you can use the subjunctive verb (accurately!) over the next few days.


Have fun and enjoy!