On Monday we went swimming instead of maths and English. When we got back we had lunch, after lunch we had Mrs Johnson and with her we did a map from home to school in lots of detail until the end of the day.

On Tuesday we had music straight after register, then we did English and it we based on the different types of things you would find in the museum of fun. In maths we did a written method for multipcation and it was grid method. After maths it was lunch and after lunch we had P.E. with Mr Mearns after that was music with Mrs Bennet and then it was home time.

On Wednesday we did spag and we did a quick spag test then English. In English we did comparing between street dancing and Morris dancing, then it was break and after break we did division problems in maths. It was lunch time, after lunch we had Mrs Johnson and we made one musical instrument and it was panpipes. Then we went in the hall and saw loads of different creatures such as lizard, snake, owl and spiders.

On Thursday in English we were thinking about a different room in the museum of fun. Then it was break time and after break we did maths. In maths we did division sums then it was lunch time and after lunch we made mothers day’s cards and made e-safety power point.

On Friday we did assembly and after assembly we did spag quickly and after that we made new targets for our books in English. Then it was break time after break we did some maths and in maths we did word problems then it was lunch. After lunch we did a mile walk and made mother’s day envelops and golden time then home time.

Star of the week – Noah

Merit winners – Ashley , Brett

Written by Keelie and Jack from year 5.