What a week we have had! Lots of fun and lots of learning.We have designed our own bedrooms and we were allowed to use anything we wanted.We have been doing The Dragon Slayer in English, it is a legend story. In PE we have been doing some gymnastics and learning more about balances. In History, we have learnt about Roman soldiers and Celt warriors.This week we have written out of spellings in our handwriting books and we now have the target to improve our handwriting.In RE with Miss Rigby we have been learning about Islam.In Science we have learnt about skeletons and muscles. Emily Jones has been reading Matilda to the whole class. Star if the Week is Cian and the Merit Certificates went to Leon and Nicole.


All about legend stories =

Legends are fictional stories.

Usually there is some historical truth at the heart of every legend.

Heroes perform great deeds with their strength and their intelligence. Exaggeration is usually involved in retelling their deeds.

Heroes often give up dreams of happiness to help others.