I was star of the week. I have enjoyed watching the film, Rise of the Guardians, and I have learnt that lava rises out of volcanoes.

  • Atlanta-Georgia


This week we have started writing an autobiography. An autobiography is when you write about yourself.

  • Emily Jones


In SPAG we have been learning about conjunctions, main clauses and subordinate clauses. We have written complex sentences.

  • Tegan


Today we have brought in some special items for our show and tell morning. This afternoon we have written about the show and tell items.

  • Layla


We have made some Christmas decorations out of salt dough.

  •  Jack Attack


The volcanoes start with the magma chamber and then when the magma gets to hot it starts to rise into an ash cloud. It goes out the side through the throat and turns into lava.

  • Finlay


We have been cutting our snowflakes and making Christmas decorations.

  • Hayden  


The Merit Certficates went to Max and Evie. 

These were the questions we answered on show and tell morning - 

  • What is the item?
  • Who gave you the item?
  • Why is it so special?
  • Why you got it?
  • Where did you get it?
  • Where do you keep it?
  • When did you get it?