This week in Mathematics we have been interpreting data about the class, such as favourite chocolate bars, eye colour and hair colour. We have also used our data to create a number of diagrams and graphs such as bar graphs, line graphs, Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams. In English we started reading our new focused text ‘Orange’s in No Man’s Land’ and thought about the feelings of the main characters.

We also finished our Computing topic about tessellations. This week we created our own semi-regular tessellations which are created by tessellating two regular polygons. In History we considered whether or not the Black Death had an impact that was purely negative on the country or whether or not there were positive outcomes too.

In DT, Mrs Miller created pizzas with us! We had a great afternoon flattening our dough to make a pizza base, covering the base with tomato puree and then adding lots of toppings of our choice.  It was an AWESOME afternoon! Mrs Miller even made Mr Blackburn a pizza – what a lovely person she is!