No, not the sort involving Captain American and Iron Man! However, we are just as excited as this week we started an exciting new topic about the Lebanese Civil War in English with Miss Roberts. None of us had heard of this war before so we learnt lots when completed research (we even saw Mr Blackburn scribbling down some ideas). In Mathematics we solved problems that related to perimeter and area. In Computing we continued creating our own tessellations using different 2D shapes in class. Look out for these as they will be displayed in the corridor outside of Diamond Class! The designs are looking ace!!! 


Mr Blackburn taught us for History and we continued learning about the Black Death. This week we compared sources that discussed what people did during this time to try and cure themselves. We were disgusted to find that people would bathe themselves in urine, whip themselves as a way of saying sorry to go, force people out of their homes and rub ointments all over themselves (some mixed with poo!) We're all glad that we were not alive in 1350!


We also has a very important talk on Friday about keeping safe online - whether we are on our laptops, IPADs, PS4s or Xboxs. We now know the dangers and we had a lengthy discussion about we had learned in class with Mrs Miller, Mr Blackburn and Miss Roberts.